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04th Apr 2015

UFC veteran Matt Hamill stops moving car and saves child from intoxicated driver

Matt "The Hero" Hamill

Ben Kiely

Former UFC fighter Matt Hamill saved a child from a potentially fatal accident this week.

Three days after he was forced to withdraw from his World Series of Fighting 19 bout against Thiago Silva due to illness, Hamill happened upon a very dangerous situation.

While driving to visit family in Ohio, “the Hammer” noticed a vehicle being driven erratically in the wrong lane of a highway. The swerving car went whizzing past him and he immediately turned around to gave chase.

When the car veered off the road onto a grassy area, Hamill pulled over, leapt from his own vehicle and chased down the vehicle on foot.

Upon reaching the car he saw a six-year-old boy screaming inside. He punched out the window, and stopped the vehicle and removed the terrified child from the car.

“Everyone was going like 70 miles per hour,” said Hamill. “She was driving the wrong way, just kind of swerving around. She was going slower but she was going on the wrong side of the street, and you could her face, she was kind of drooling. There was obviously something going on with her that just wasn’t right.”

“It seemed like Pac-Man, trying to avoid all the little ghosts. She was all over the place.”

“If she hadn’t been stopped I definitely feel like someone would’ve ran into something. The mother was on drugs and had been drinking apparently.”

The mother of the child was driving the car. She failed all field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. She was charged with driving while intoxicated and second-degree reckless endangerment. The child is in the care of a family member.

Hat-tip to MMA Fighting