UFC teases fans ahead of McGregor return with two new promo videos 3 years ago

UFC teases fans ahead of McGregor return with two new promo videos

The wait is nearly over, in a few weeks the world will be watching as Conor McGregor faces off against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Dubliner will bring and end to his two year hiatus in October by taking on the biggest challenge of his career to date fighting the undefeated Russian in Las Vegas.


The fight was announced only a month ago, and the build up has felt slow. Normally with McGregor we are used to seeing the Irishman partake in the media merry-go-round in order to drum up excitement.

However, the fact is, Conor McGregor no longer needs to cosy up to journalists and talk-show hosts in order to sell a fight. His name alone sells the fight.

As well as this, the prospect of watching him face-off with Khabib given all that has gone before it means the two fighters can concentrate solely on their training camps.

The UFC though has teased fans with two new promo videos that will you goosebumps.


The promo video is the perfect teaser for fans in desperate need of some excitement ahead of October 6.


'Almost time, almost time' are Khabib's remarks as the video ends, followed by a chilling laugh from the Dubliner that could be mistaken for Batman's nemesis, The Joker.


The wait is nearly over, and the world will most definitely be watching as these two titans face off to become undisputed King of the lightweight division.

Only 27 days left!