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UFC star Bec Rawlings' gruesome injury collection will make you wince
It doesn't get much more graphic than this

Nothing beats a good stomach-churning injury, right?

Oh wait, except for absolutely everything.

As long as you good people have an appetite for gawking at some hideous bone breaks, dislocations, cuts and gashes, we're going to keep bringing them to your attention.

Let it never be said that we don't give the people what they want and some folks just want to get all woozy looking at some absolute horror shows. Who are we to deny them that?


Today's wince-inducing injury comes from the fight world. Bec Rawlings

UFC strawweight Bec Rawlings grossed out her hordes of followers on Instagram by uploading three photos of some of the more ghastly injuries she has suffered over the past few years.


If you want to see a remarkably deep shin gash, a fractured femur or a dislocated toe, check out the post below, but fair warning to the faint-hearted, it's very graphic. (Tap the arrows to see more photos)

Rawlings has no fights lined up, but she is planning a move up to the exciting new women's flyweight division once it has been introduced into the promotion.

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