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26th May 2018

UFC Liverpool main event will go ahead on two strict conditions

Conan Doherty

Another hour of the day, another UFC statement.

Having to address Nick Diaz’s arrest and the worrying nature of the allegations against one of the most famous faces in the UFC, Saturday morning didn’t get any better for Dana White and co.

Ahead of UFC Liverpool and all the excitement that has built for the main event, the bout was thrown in question when both hometown fighters failed to make weight.

Darren Till exceeded the limit by a distance whilst the other Merseyside native, Molly McCann, also missed weight.

It threw the main event into question with Till 4.5 pounds above 170 and 3.5 pounds above the 171 limit.

After what was said to be an emergency, Till was weighed 25 minutes after the cut off point and he stood on the scales presumably knowing his fate.

The fight will still go ahead, however, on two very strict conditions.

One is that Till has to be 188lbs or under. Two is that 30% of the purse is being forefitted to Wonderboy.

Meanwhile, Thompson’s team are allowed to be present at the weigh-in.