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02nd Mar 2016

UFC commentator so confident of Conor McGregor win that he’s literally putting his skin on the line

Some wager

Ben Kiely

No one will be hoping that Nate Diaz doesn’t upset the odds at UFC 196 more than Jon Anik.

The UFC commentator has made his prediction for UFC 196 main event, and he’s putting all his chips on the Conor McGregor table. Anik’s so confident that the Notorious will get the victory that he’s vowed to permanently scar his skin should Diaz win, as he explained on the Anik and Florian Podcast.

“I’m going to say it here for the masses to hear. I will get the area code ‘209’ tattooed on the inside of my forearm, if Nate Diaz beats Conor McGregor. I got Conor in Round 1.”


Anik explained that his confidence stems from the fact that Nate was a late replacement. He claims that 12 days is just not enough time to prepare for someone like McGregor, who he expects will be fully fit come fight night.

“I got Conor McGregor, I got him by first round knockout or TKO. I’m just not convinced, as much as you know I love these Diaz brothers, that Nate is in championship shape. And I think cardio has always been a big key to his style, to his success.”

“One thing you know about Conor McGregor, is that he is most definitely in championship condition. I think he’s the far more lethal striker.”

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