Twitter beef involving Neil Seery escalates quickly as Louis Smolka tweets himself into a blind rage 7 years ago

Twitter beef involving Neil Seery escalates quickly as Louis Smolka tweets himself into a blind rage

What started as an innocent tweet from a fan, descended into chaos

Fresh from his impressive win over the previously undefeated Chris Beal in Stockholm, Neil Seery is awaiting his next opponent inside the Octagon. With two wins on the trot in the UFC, the Dubliner is likely to get either a ranked fighter or a young upstart for his next bout.


One fan thought that 8-1 hotshot Louis Smolka would be an ideal candidate to be the Irishman's next victim adversary inside the cage. The 23-year-old  holds a 2-1 record in the promotion, the same as Seery, and actually came in as a late replacement for the Dublin native at the UFC event in Sydney last year.

The two warriors seemed very open to the idea of fighting each other initially. In fact, they almost had a gentleman's agreement to do so until things turned sour.


Seery kicked off the trash-talking and what followed was the usual, "I'm better than you" "No, you're not", back and forth exchange we've come to expect from MMA fighters. There was no real malice behind it, it's just become a part of the sport.




At this point in their social media row, the fans began to get involved. Seery reacted to the supporters' goading with class and dignity. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Smolka.

Seery must have become aware that he was pushing "The Last Samurai's" buttons, however, there is no way he could have possibly expected him to have such a severe reaction to a simple meme.

Rather than fire back with abuse, Seery attempted to play peacemaker, but this only caused the American to become more riled up.

While Seery hit the hay for the night, Smolka only became more and more incensed. While the former Cage Warriors champion was unable to respond, due to being asleep, the Last Samurai turned his attention to the fans, where he mercilessly tried his best at tearing them apart, with limited success.

Seery summed up the slightly more heated than expected feud well.

Keep an eye out, because these two could well be throwing down inside the cage very soon.