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22nd Jan 2016

PIC: Sage Northcutt’s ridiculous gun-show has forced us back into the gym for more arm-curls

We'll have whatever he's eating

Kevin McGillicuddy

How much smoked salmon would you have to eat to look like this?

We, like many Irish people, are trying to do our best this January in getting back in shape.

And no, that shape is not round thank you very much.

We’ve been eating well, hardly drinking and pumping iron like it’s 1999 all over again and we’re training for an U14 league final.

But we’re obviously doing a shoddy job as Sage Northcutt has put us all to shame tonight with this scary and almost hard to believe picture of his outrageous arm muscles.

Seriously, I mean seriously, are they drawn on or what?!

And those veins, eek.

The picture comes as it’s been confirmed Northcutt has a new opponent for his upcoming fight too.