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21st Jul 2016

Palhares-slayer Emil Meek out of UFC debut due to possible USADA conflict

Fight delayed

Darragh Murphy

We will have to wait a little while longer to see the Octagon debut of one of the UFC’s most intriguing new recruits.

Emil Meek couldn’t have burst on to the scene any more emphatically than he did in May with a knockout victory over the unpopular Rousimar Palhares.

That performance was rewarded with a phonecall from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, who paired Meek up with Jessin Ayari for the UFC’s event in Hamburg this September.

But Norway’s Meek will no longer be competing on the card after notifying USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, of a potential conflict of its policy.

It should be stated clearly that Meek never tested positive for a banned substance, he merely told USADA that medication he had been taking after a recent medical procedure could potentially be in breach.

Meek took to Facebook to explain how he spoke with USADA and the UFC, and all parties arrived at the decision to play it safe by delaying his first appearance in the Octagon so that he can be a part of the athlete drug testing pool for a full four months.

“Going from Venator to UFC involves a way stricter regiment as to what kind of medication I’m allowed to use,” Meek wrote. “We have decided it was not worth the risk. The result was pulling out of my upcoming fight in Hamburg. It changes nothing when it comes to my relationship with UFC, other than that my debut in the Octagon will be pushed to around December.

“Let me stress that I have not failed any drug test whatsoever! This is merely a preliminary precaution. I’ve been enrolled with USADA’s registered testing pool to prepare since for my bout since June. As a fighter I’m happy and personally, I feel safer to compete under the USADA’s anti-doping policy.”

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