Nate Diaz bluntly explains why tofu should be avoided in a vegan diet 5 years ago

Nate Diaz bluntly explains why tofu should be avoided in a vegan diet

How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you all about it.

People like to rag on vegans, but the truth is there are quite a few folks who live solely on a diet of plant-based foods who are completing incredible feats in the world of sports.


You've got former Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph competing in Ironman competitions and for a while, the Diaz brothers were setting the MMA world alight while avoiding all foods that come from an animal. Well, almost all foods, as Nate Diaz explained during a recent appearance on Outside the Box podcast.

"I'm going on and off. I was a complete vegan for eight years, but I would dabble into some seafood every now and then. Now, I dig fish."


Once someone who's used to eating meat tries to cut it out of their diet, the natural tendency is to try to replace it with something else. As Diaz explained, he would not suggest eating tofu as a substitute for meat.

"I would never reccomend tofu. Everybody does that tofu thing, but that's whack. Tofu's not good for you. Yeah, they make tofu, that's some bitch-ass shit anyway. Why would you even want to eat something called that?"

"Everyone's like, 'I'll take that tofu,' but that shit actually lowers your testosterone. It makes you bitch-made."

Just to be clear, there are studies that suggest tofu does lower testosterone levels and there are studies that suggest it doesn't. However, there's no denying the entertainment value of Diaz's dismissal of the food. Each to their own.