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12th Oct 2016

Michael Bisping pulled no punches with harsh response to Chris Weidman’s ducking claims

He won't like this one bit

Ben Kiely

Either Chris Weidman doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into, or he’s exactly where he wants to be with Michael Bisping.

After successfully defending his belt against living legend Dan Henderson at UFC 204, undisputed middleweight champion made sure to address the rest of the contenders in the 185 lb division.

Top of his list was former champion Chris Weidman, who claimed at a Q&A in Ottawa that the Count was ducking him by taking his first defence against the 14th-ranked fighter in the division. He made it clear that there was one thing the top contenders had to do in order to secure a title-shot – win a fight.

“Weidman, what the hell? You lost your last fight. I’ve had three victories since you got your ass kicked by Luke Rockhold. Rockhold, I knocked you out in three minutes, buddy. Yoel Romero, you’re suspended for steroids. Shame on you. All of you win a fight, get off the couch, and let’s fucking do this.

Bisping will likely take some time off to recover from those devastating H-Bombs that Hendo landed on him during their epic five-round war. This is actually the ideal scenario considering the top four contenders are all engaged in an unofficial tournament to decide who will get the next crack at Bisping’s belt.

Luke Rockhold is set to take on Jacare, while Weidman is booked to fight Yoel Romero. Whoever has the most impressive win of those two bouts will likely get Bisping next, but judging by the Brit’s recent interview on UFC Unfiltered, he may be hoping to the All-American gets the nod.

“I mean of that fucking whiner, that cry baby Chris Weidman wants to do it, then I’m more than happy to do it. If he gets past Yoel Romero next month, let’s do it soon. I’m happy to. He thinks I’m ducking him, he’s fucking crazy. I’ve never ducked anybody in my life, I’m certainly not going to start with that fucking douchebag.”

“So, if he wants to do it, he can come out here and he can try to wrestle and do that, but he’ll find himself getting punched in the face repeatedly, then… I’m going to finish Chris Weidman that’s for sure.”

To rub salt in the wound, Bisping then took a shot at Weidman’s faith, claiming that the Christian god doesn’t care about his career… but he didn’t put it as politely as that.

“He just doesn’t stop complaining. He feels like everyone owes him something and preaches on about his father and this and that. He should shut the fuck up, he’s not part of god’s plan. If there is a god he’s got bigger fish to fry than Chris Weidman and his fucking life.”

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