Max Holloway viciously beats Jose Aldo to a bloody pulp 3 years ago

Max Holloway viciously beats Jose Aldo to a bloody pulp

Max Holloway just annihilated the most dominant featherweight champion ever two times in a row.

As if there was any doubt, Max Holloway solidified his position as the greatest 145 lb fighter on planet Earth with another third round TKO victory over Jose Aldo.


Their immediate rematch at UFC 218 was very similar to their first meeting in Brazil six months earlier. Just like the first time, Aldo had success in the early rounds, but once 'Blessed' had him figured out, the finish seemed like an inevitability.

'Scarface' showed exceptional head movement in the opening frame which was very evenly contested on the feet. The Brazilian's late counter when Holloway stepped in a little too close may have edged him the round. Holloway's matador-like movement just out of range while the strikes came his way before stepping straight back into striking distance was very prominent, as were Aldo's use of leg kicks, a notable absentee in their first fight.

There was more of the same in the second with some more urgency thrown in for good measure. While Holloway was content to keep the challenger on the end of his jabs, Aldo tried to cut him down with leg kicks to hamper his movement. Aldo made Holloway miss quite a bit with his hands, but the champion never grew flustered. He may have lost the round, but his confidence wasn't affected.

Aldo had the better of the early exchanges in the third finding home with a knee to the body and an elbow up top. However, Holloway was unrelenting. No matter what Aldo threw at him, he continued to march forward which seemed to really sap the former champion's energy.

It was the beginning of the end once the Hawaiian had him backed up against the fence, but Aldo's incredible heart made him stay in the fight longer than he should have. After eating multiple punches to the head, Aldo had enough and shot in for the takedown.

A perfect sprawl saw Holloway take the top position. From there, he merely toyed with his prey, landing brutal ground and pound until referee Herb Dean put Aldo out of his misery at 3:51 of the third round.


After the fight was over, Holloway had the whole crowd hopping with his catchphrase before he praising Aldo for his service to the sport.

"At the end of the day, it is what is."

The result sees Holloway (19-3) improve his win streak to 12 on the bounce while Aldo (26-4) suffers back-to-back knockout losses for the first time in his career.