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18th Jul 2015

Man who vowed to bury Cathal Pendred “like the British did the Irish” reignites feud

They're at it again

Ben Kiely

There’s still no love lost between Colby Covington and Cathal Pendred.

The two UFC welterweights had an epic Twitter beef following Pendred’s split decision victory over Sean Spencer at UFC Boston. The American worked himself into a frenzy over Pendred getting the nod from the judges, and ended up offending the whole of Ireland.

On Friday, Covington reignited the feud when a fan successfully got a rise out of him on Twitter, but the Punisher was reluctant to get sucked into another trash-talking match initially.

Pendred ended the social media quarrel by reminding Covington of an offensive comment he made about the Irish the last time the two battled it out on Twitter. Covington’s tweet was deleted after causing a furore but not before the Twitterati could get a screenshot.

That ended that.