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12th Apr 2017

Jose Aldo wants to box on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather card

He has an opponent in mind

Ben Kiely

Right so, how many freakshow fights do we have in the works for this proposed Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather megacard?

This isn’t getting out of hand at all.

So far, Anderson Silva has offered to fight Roy Jones Jr, Jimi Manuwa wants to box David Haye and Santa Claus himself wants to fight a hologram of Sugar Ray Robinson, the latter being the ultimate money fight. The only problem is all these MMA fighters seem content in taking on these prize pugilists inside the ring.

Who else can we throw into the mix? Dana White vs Tito Ortiz? CM Punk vs a barbary macaque? Why not Jose Aldo, sure? He’s stated before that he wants to try his hand at boxing.

Now he’s talking about it again. While promoting his featherweight title unification bout against Max Holloway, he has volunteered his services for the MayMac undercard. MMA Fighting are reporting that he’s willing to take on quadruple world champion Miguel Cotto.

“If it does happen, I want to be in this card, too, boxing. I’ll challenge, I don’t know, Miguel Cotto, something like that. I want to surf this wave as well. If it happens, Dana… Don’t forget me, Joe Carr. Don’t forget me because if it happens I want to fight, brother. We can go for takedowns, too. No problem.”

Takedowns, you say? That’s very wishful thinking. In for a penny, in for a circus fight, Aldo.