Jose Aldo finally budged from dubious rankings spot 4 years ago

Jose Aldo finally budged from dubious rankings spot

Whether we like it or not, the UFC's official rankings still mean something.

There have been special cases where fighters have jumped the queue to get their title shot. Dan Henderson bowing out of the sport by taking on Michael Bisping for the middleweight strap is a prime example. Hendo wasn't ranked in the top 10 when that fight was booked, but push from a significant portion of fans, the fighters involved and the promotion saw the fight happen.


However, generally speaking, the fighter who's ranked number one is seen as next in line for the title shot. There may be some exceptions, such as at men's flyweight. Joseph Benavidez has held that top contender spot for a while, despite not being next in line to fight Demetrious Johnson for a long time.

This is understandable considering his only losses in the UFC have come against the champion. His six-fight win-streak following his last loss to DJ proves he's earned that berth.


Restoring order at 145 lbs

Remarkably, up until the latest rankings update this week, Jose Aldo was still the number-one ranked at 145 lbs. This was despite the fact that Frankie Edgar was next in line to fight Max Holloway. 'Scarface' has two wins over 'The Answer,' but after being finished two times in a row by 'Blessed,' he is unlikely to get a third crack anytime soon.

Had Edgar vs Holloway went ahead and the champion successfully defended, Aldo would have probably held that number one spot. Ortega making history by knocking out Edgar in the first round did wonders for the division.

Not only did he introduce himself as an exciting new 145 lb title contender, but he finally passed Aldo in the rankings. Seven finishes in seven UFC fights later, Ortega has taken the top contender spot.


No knock against Aldo, but it was about time he was overtaken.