It's hard to ignore what Max Holloway's been doing to Conor McGregor on social media 1 year ago

It's hard to ignore what Max Holloway's been doing to Conor McGregor on social media

If you've been paying attention, you will know all about how Max Holloway's been killing it on social media.

Anytime Max Holloway has been called out on social media lately, he's blessed everyone with one hell of a response.

The past is something the haters always like to bring up. Holloway hasn't lost a fight in nearly five years. He's won 12 fights in a row, finished the consensus greatest featherweight ever twice and has restored order to the 145 lb division.

Yet, some folks feel the need to bring up his last defeat. His responses to these swipes show that he has matured as much as a man as he has as a fighter since he was that 21-year-old kid fighting on those fight night prelims.


Trading online blows with Conor McGregor is nothing new for Holloway. However, what has changed recently is that he is beginning to do it unprompted.

In the past, he has generally fired back at a swipe from 'the Notorious'. Once the Dubliner began promoting his new fast food ad campaign, 'Blessed' took it upon himself to land first.

Once he saw his rival promoting a chicken sandwich, Holloway must have been rubbing his hands together. He was sitting on an outstanding culinary pun regarding McGregor's expected stripping at UFC 223. He will also have warmed himself to a lot of fans with his comments about Ireland.

The tongue and cheek continued with his message to another fast food franchise.

Has McGregor met his match?

The strength of McGregor's acerbic tongue cannot be downplayed. It's because of him that to a significant portion of fans, TJ Dillashaw will forever be referred to as 'Snake in the Grass.' Jeremy Stephens also has McGregor to thank for the endless slew of 'Who da fook is dat guy?' comments whenever he's in the news.

One of the reasons why these insults gained such momentum was because neither target put up much of a fight. They took it lying down. There's no fear of Holloway ever doing that when McGregor hits him up.

The Hawaiian always seems to have an ace up his sleeve.


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People talk about Nate Diaz being the biggest money fight in MMA for McGregor right now. That's hard to argue with.

But if Holloway keeps this up.

A rematch has the potential to break all sorts of records.