John Kavanagh makes it very difficult for bodybuilder not to fight UFC champion 5 years ago

John Kavanagh makes it very difficult for bodybuilder not to fight UFC champion

SBG head coach John Kavanagh loves a scrap.

Cody Garbrandt won't be defending his belt against TJ Dillashaw at UFC 213 due to injury, but he may very well have an exhibition fight this summer.


After sending out a tweet suggesting Dillashaw ceases looking for a flyweight title shot against Demetrious Johnson in order to wait for him to heal up, the UFC bantamweight king received some abuse from professional bodybuilder Matthew Kline Kader.

A back-and-forth ensued culminating in Garbrandt tweeting the address of his gym, telling Kader to let him know when he wants to duke it out. Remarkably, the bodybuilder called his bluff and sent a screenshot of a plane ticket he purchased to go to Sacramento in June. He also claimed that he's bringing a camera crew to document everything.


We know what you're thinking. There's no way on Earth this fight is actually going to materialise. However, something similar has happen before.

UFC veteran Josh Neer gave a social media troll a savage beatdown after the average Joe kept sending him abusive messages. The footage of the scrap went viral mainly because of how one-sided it was in favour of the professional fighter.

Kader certainly seems like he's not backing down from it. His social media accounts are awash with venom aimed at Garbrandt. He recently went off at the UFC star for suggesting he only made the call-out to gain more Twitter followers.

If running the risk of being called 'all-talk' isn't enough incentive to actually turn up and slug it out with Garbrandt, John Kavanagh's offer may just give him the requisite push to make him go.


The SBG head coach stated on Twitter that he will donate $1,000 to charity if Kader holds up his end of the bargain. If he somehow manages to defeat the world champion, Kavanagh is going to up the donation to $10,000.

Watch this space.