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16th May 2016

VIDEO: Scary head kick knockout produces some of the best fight commentary you’ll ever hear

"Mama Mia"

Ben Kiely

Glory 30 blessed us with one of the great knockouts of 2016 in the co-featured bout between Marat Grigorian and Djime.

Belgium’s Grigorian (46-9-2, 27 KOs) finished the fight in truly spectacular fashion with a highlight reel head kick knockout of Djime (51-14-4, 18 KOs).

Grigorian’s heavy pressure left his opponent trapped with his back against the ropes. The Belgian artfully threw a left hook which Djime partially slipped as it glanced over the top of his dome. However, he lowered his head straight into the trajectory of a ferocious kick that almost took his head clean off.

The Frenchman fell took a slow-motion nose dive straight into the canvas, causing the referee to immediately call the contest to a halt without giving the downed fighter a count.

Djime out cold

The monstrous finish did not go unappreciated by the commentator who came out with these gems during the broadcast.

“Oooooh, woooow! Mama Mia! Right… head… kick… knockout Marat Grigorian. Djime face-first, game over.”

“Oh man, he caught him flush. Right… head… kick knockout. Marat Grigorian just put Djime in airplane mode.”

Check it out in the video embedded below from the 3:50 mark.

Click snap