Frankie Edgar wants Conor McGregor for 'history-making' fight in New York 7 years ago

Frankie Edgar wants Conor McGregor for 'history-making' fight in New York

Tickets for this bout would sell out quicker than McGregor's KO on Jose Aldo.

Frankie Edgar was told by UFC president, last Friday night, that he could have 'whatever he wants'.


24 hours later and the swift, efficient manner of Conor McGregor's featherweight title win over Aldo shifted the plates.

Backstage, White told Megan Olivi that McGregor and John Kavanagh, his coach, wanted to take a lightweight fight next. It should not have come as a shock to White - McGregor has been saying this for over a year - but he appeared troubled.

He was conspicuous by his absence at the post-fight press briefing. No bold claims, no matches promised, no talk of Croke Park.

What is clear to all is that Edgar is the next man who should contest the featherweight title.


The Answer told reporters that Aldo is deserving of a chance to reclaim his belt but that he should wait to take on the winner of himself and McGregor. Asked what his dream scenario would be, the New Jersey native commented:

"I'd love to fight McGregor at Madison Square Garden [New York] on April 17. That would be everything.

"He's perfect for it. Lot of Irish in New York... That would be amazing. The biggest fight ever."

Edgar also stated that McGregor is 'the real deal and has been for a while'.

There has not been an event by the promotion in the State of New York since UFC 7 in 1995. However, UFC officials feel confident that 2016 will be their year.


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