Francis Ngannou wants a Tyson Fury clause in his new UFC contract 1 year ago

Francis Ngannou wants a Tyson Fury clause in his new UFC contract

"The Tyson Fury fight has to be part of the discussion."

Francis Ngannou has said that he will demand a potential fight against Tyson Fury be included in any new UFC contract he signs.


The UFC heavyweight champion was ringside on Saturday night when The Gypsy King beat Dillian Whyte via TKO in the sixth round at Wembley Stadium.

Following the bout, Fury reiterated his commitment to retire from boxing but verbally agreed to fight Ngannou in an exhibition bout in 2023.

Francis Ngannou Tyson Fury UFC

Francis Ngannou on UFC contract negotiations.


Ngannou stressed the need for the Fury fight to be a part of contract negotiations with the UFC.

The 35-year-old said he would be "screwed" if he was to sign a new UFC contract similar to his current deal and emphasised the need to include The Gyspy King fight in his new contract.

Francis Ngannou Tyson Fury UFC

“The Tyson Fury fight has to be part of the discussion. That’s not an option. It has to be part of the discussion because if that’s not part of the discussion, it will never be," Ngannou said on The MMA Hour.


"If I sign another contract now, basically the same model of the contract, I’m screwed. That’s not happening ever.

"We have to figure out a way to implement this into a contract. I think the UFC is a good promotion, and I want to keep fighting. Tyson Fury is not my last fight."

Francis Ngannou Tyson Fury UFC

Ngannou on potential match-ups.


Ngannou said that the Fury fight would not be his last if the UFC granted his wish. He pinpointed Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones as opponents he would like to face in MMA.

"I want to keep fighting. After Tyson Fury, there’s still a lot of fights. There’s the Jon Jones, there’s the Stipe trilogy. There’s big fights I can do in the UFC, and I would really like that to happen," Ngannou added.

"I would really like us to get to a common point. Yes, I can do the Tyson Fury fight on my own, but what’s next? I would like to keep fighting. I would like for us to come to an agreement.”


Tyson Fury's take on the Ngannou fight.

Meanwhile, Fury, jokingly, referenced 'Floyd Mayweather money' when discussing his wish to take part in an exhibition bout.

The Gypsy King endorsed the fight against Ngannou by saying "we can make that happen."

"I will not rule out exhibitions for sure. I want some of that Floyd Mayweather money. I want to have fun. I’m an entertainer," Fury said after knocking out Whyte.

"Big Francis Ngannou was here today and he’s on my hitlist for an exhibition fight, however, he wants it in a cage, in a boxing ring. We can make that happen.”

Francis Ngannou Tyson Fury UFC

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