Former UFC heavyweight rescues woman from assault outside nightclub 1 year ago

Former UFC heavyweight rescues woman from assault outside nightclub

Footage has emerged of a former UFC fighter coming to the rescue of a woman who was being attacked outside a nightclub in Sarajevo.

Denis Stojnic, a fighter with a professional record of 13-3, 1 No Contest, made use of his skills last week when he saved a female patron of his nightclub.

Stojnic, who shared the Octagon with Cain Velasquez and Stefan Struve during his brief stint with the UFC, spotted the altercation on CCTV and didn't hesitate to rush to the woman's aid.

The 38-year-old can be seen in the below video grabbing hold of the assailant, a man in a yellow jacket, after he dragged the woman behind a parked car by her hair.

"When I saw on my video controller that a huge man even proportions physically higher than me, striking a female person with a fisted fist, I immediately ran out and reacted so that they were protected from the perpetrators," Stojnic said, as translated by RT. "I conquered it and finally we accompanied the girl along with her security to a taxi, and she did not want to report this case to the police.

"Unfortunately, in our country violence against women is becoming more and more and my duty as a man, a citizen, and then only owners of objects is that everyone in my facilities feels safe, especially women."