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11th May 2017

Dana White pulls plug on eagerly-awaited GSP return but he has a replacement ready

Too many false dawns

Niall McIntyre

It appears that the UFC have finally lost patience with Georges St-Pierre.

After incessant complaints from opponent Michael Bisping, other middleweight fighters and UFC fans alike about St-Pierre trying to delay the fight, UFC president Dana White has finally decided to pull the Canadian icon from the fight.

White’s patience with the 35-year-old has finally snapped as he has decided to cancel the GSP vs Bisping match – which had been planned as a comeback for the Canadian icon after more than three years out of the Octagon.

GSP had brought the heavily-populated middleweight division to a halt by saying he would not fight until “after October”,  and fighters were not happy with the UFC.

White claimed Bisping, the English champion, will now fight Yoel Romero, as had been planned originally.

The UFC boss has decided not to wait any longer on GSP, who has been out of the octagon for three years, according to an interview he did with Fox Sports Wednesday night.

“I made this GSP fight, we did a press conference. The thing was supposed to happen in July. Michael Bisping is going to have to defend his title now. We’re not waiting for GSP,”

“(Yoel) doesn’t need to voice his opinion on why he needs a title shot. He definitely deserves a title shot. He’s next in line, he’s the No.1 ranked guy in the world.

“Georges St-Pierre was coming back. Bisping-St-Pierre – they both wanted that fight. We asked Yoel to step aside, he did. It doesn’t look like that fight is gonna happen now.

“Georges St-Pierre is saying he will not be ready to compete now until November. Who knows if that’s even the case. It could be next year.”

Judging by this snap of Pierre from training last week, where he is rocking the dad bod image, it could well be next year by the time he’s fit to fight.

“So we’re not waiting for Georges St-Pierre anymore. We’re moving on with the division, and Yoel Romero will get the next shot.”

It’s not yet clear when the Romero vs Bisping fight will take place but White has satisfied many middleweight fighters, and a lot of fans by doing this.