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10th Jun 2018

Dana White absolutely furious with Mike Jackson’s victorious performance against CM Punk

"He's 0-2 as far as I'm concerned."

Ben Kiely

Dana White

Mike Jackson isn’t making Dana White’s Christmas card list, that’s for sure.

Dana White was far from impressed with Mike Jackson’s performance against CM Punk at UFC 225. Jackson completely dominated the former WWE star to score a lopsided unanimous decision victory. All three judges scored the fight 30-26 in Jackson’s favour.

Punk was in over his head and categorically beaten. UFC president Dana White confirmed the loss sounded the death knell on his UFC career in the post-fight press conference. However, he did have some very kind things to say about Punk’s show heart in the bout.

“No, it should be a wrap. The guy’s 39 years old. I love the guy. He’s the nicest guy in the world. We gave him two shots and he had a lot of heart tonight in this fight. Yeah, I think he should call it a wrap.”

“He got clipped a lot in that fight. It looked like he was hurt a couple of times. He stayed in there, he went for three rounds.”


As for Jackson, White had literally nothing good to say about the victor. The showboating and his unwillingness to go for the finish really irked White.

“Michael Jackson, I’m not happy with it. This guy was acting like a goofball tonight. You get this opportunity to come in and fight CM Punk and you’re doing like bolo punches to the body on top. Never looked like he was trying to finish the fight ever. Looked like he could have finished the fight a few times. Never tried. I don’t know what that guy did for a living before we gave him the shot, but whatever it was, he needs to go back and do that again. He’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.”

“I got the sense that he’s a complete fucking idiot and I couldn’t wait for that fight to end. I regretted not putting it on FightPass. That’s how I felt about it.”

As if he needed to, White also confirmed that Jackson was done with the UFC. It seems as though the Zuffa boxing suggestion Jackson made in his Octagon interview has fallen on deaf ears.

“Yeah, that’s it for his UFC career. I wouldn’t put that kid in the Contender Series.”

White wasn’t too hot on the idea of Jackson fighting Artem Lobov either. In his eyes, that would be a death sentence.

“Artem might kill him. That might be the first death in the UFC. I think that’s a bad fight for Michael Jackson. I think Michael Jackson needs to go back to being a reporter or whatever teh hell he did before he came in and goofed around tonight.”

Jesus Dana, tell us how you really feel!