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22nd Nov 2017

Cyborg actually uses MMA Math to make case for beating rival Ronda Rousey

It doesn't quite work like that

Ben Kiely


In Ronda Rousey’s absence, Cyborg vs Holly Holm is probably the biggest fight any promoter can make in WMMA.

While the UFC women’s featherweight title fight between Cyborg and Holly Holm is a big one, it is unlikely to garner the type of interest that was par for the course for Ronda Rousey fights towards the tail end of her career.

When ‘Rowdy’ was at the peak of her powers and steamrolling every challenger she got matched against, Cristiane Justino was desperately trying to book a fight against her. Although Rousey was the biggest star in the sport, it was thought that Cyborg was the pound-for-pound queen of WMMA.

Unfortunately, back-to-back knockout losses against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes respectively have seen Rousey fall off the face of the Earth. While she has made the odd media appearance, she has refused to talk about her fighting career since walking away from MMA.

Cyborg was really pushing for that fight and now seems to be struggling to let go of it. During a recent episode of the MMA Hour, the women’s featherweight queen resorted to using MMA Math to justify settling the score with her arch-rival through beating ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’.

“I think if I beat Holly I will beat Ronda the same day. I feel like that because Holly fought Ronda and when that fight happened, Dana said if Ronda beat Holly, next fight would be Cyborg. Then Holly stopped Ronda before that, she beat Ronda and it’s simple to think about it. It’s simple, she beat Ronda and I never had the opportunity to fight Ronda. So I think I am going to beat both the same night.”

Here’s an MMA math equation that ‘proves’ Artem Lobov could have been UFC heavyweight champion. Lobov knocked out Martin Svensson who submitted Morten Djursaa who beat Alan Carlos who knocked out Daniel Acacio who scored a unanimous decision over Kazuo Misaki who beat Dan Henderson who defeated Minotauro Nogueira who defeated Fabricio Werdum who submitted Cain Velasquez. Therefore, ‘The Russian Hammer’ could be victorious against Velasquez.

Hell, if you want to fight Rousey, just ask her coach Edmond Tarverdyan. He’ll probably sort you out, Cyborg.