Conor McGregor's nutritionist talks about The Notorious packing on the pounds 7 years ago

Conor McGregor's nutritionist talks about The Notorious packing on the pounds

More weight, more confidence.

Conor McGregor is back at lightweight and it isn't going to be a problem according to his nutritionist.


The Notorious has been looking increasingly buff as his title fight with Rafael dos Anjos draws closer and the question was always going to be how he deals with stepping back up to a higher weight class.

Speaking with MMA Digest, the Dubliner's nutritionist has acknowledged the obvious weight gain but that it won't deter from the fighter's agility and movement that set him apart.

"That's one of his biggest strengths: his speed, his agility, movement," nutritionist George Lockhart said. "So we're not necessarily like, where a lot of people would say, 'okay let's pack on the potatoes, let's pack on the steak,' we just want to control everything and clean everything and find out where his performance is at its best."

Conor McGregor 12/8/2014


McGregor has always stated that he would prefer fighting in a higher weight division than featherweight and Lockhart agrees that it could actually benefit him, especially with a full training camp behind him.

"Conor is going to spend less time thinking about weight and he's going to be able think about the fight more often," Lockhart said. "This time I'll be able to check in and really dial in on what his body needs and how his body's working.

"In terms of weight, I think, at 155, he's got the muscle mass and the athleticism to do well in that category."

Lockhart finds himself in a unique position where he is nutritionist for McGregor but his team are also working with dos Anjos. If anything, it just lets him get to know both fighters.


"I can't say specifics but Dos Anjos walks around a lot heavier than Conor. He's definitely going to be walking around heavier than Conor," we already knew that. Did we all know that McGregor was humble?

"He's a stand-up guy. He's actually very humble, very respectful, and very disciplined. You see why he is where he is when you talk to him."

Video via MMA Digest.