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24th Dec 2016

VIDEO: Conor McGregor’s diet guru reveals the one thing that will kill your sugar cravings

Simple as that

Tom Victor

As someone who has worked closely with Conor McGregor on diet matters, Georges Lockhart seems like someone you should listen to.

So when the performance nutrition specialist tells you how to kill your sugar cravings on a diet, it’s probably something to keep in mind.

If you’re able to keep everything in check during a diet but still find yourself craving sugar from time to time, Lockhart has the answer – cinnamon.

That’s right, plain old cinnamon, along with psyllium husk, a type of fibre.

“It’s kind of like a catch-22 because sugar kind of craves sugar,” Lockhart explains.

“The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you’re going to want. A lot of times if you’re not even hungry you’ll taste something like a little piece of a candy…and be like ‘yeah, I want more’

“It’s like the never-ending thirst.”

So, how can cinnamon help deal with that? Watch Lockhart explain in the video below.

Clip via Tristar Gym