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30th Jun 2017

Joe Rogan has much better plans than commentating on McGregor vs. Mayweather

Sounds like a great night

Patrick McCarry

He won’t even see it live.

Many MMA fans were eager to get Joe Rogan involved in the boxing match between UFC lightweight champion and undefeated prize-fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. but it won’t be happening.

In fact, Rogan will be missing the massive event as it goes down and is hoping to catch a recording later that night.

Earlier this year, Rogan appeared to rule himself out of being on any sort of commentary team for the crossover fight. He declared:

“No, I wouldn’t do that.

“I want to watch it with you guys and I want to get drunk. C’mon man, if that’s happening I want to get hammered and I want to broadcast live. I swear to God I would.”

The fight has since been confirmed for August 26 in Las Vegas but Rogan has other plans. Better plans. Getting drunk is still on the agenda too.

The 52-year-old is slated for live stand-up comedy gigs at The Warner Theatre in Washington, DC on the night of McGregor-Mayweather. The gigs are part of his ‘Strange Times’ tour that will see him travel America on 30 more dates before the year is out.

Rogan is actually scheduled to front an 8pm show and a 10:30pm show on the same night so he may just about have energy to kick back and watch a recording of main event in Las Vegas. On The Joe Rogan Podcast Experience, he said:

“I’m working that night so I’m trying to figure out how I can watch it without finding out what happened.”

As for the fight itself, Rogan predicts Mayweather will win but he is interested in seeing how that happens and what McGregor does to challenge him.

We hope Rogan enjoys the fight, whenever he eventually catches up on it. e must be one of the hardest working men in the United States of America.