Colby Covington's Star Wars troll crossed the line for a lot of people 6 years ago

Colby Covington's Star Wars troll crossed the line for a lot of people

One out of 100 times, Colby Covington knocks it out of the park.

UFC welterweight Colby Covington is perhaps the most divisive character in MMA.


Some folks praise the effectiveness of his incessant trolling as a genius self-promotion tool. Others just see him as a tool.

Objectively speaking, his trash-talk is hackneyed and uninspired, but it's undeniably working. He was receiving zero buzz by grinding through the rankings with his wrestling-heavy fight style. However, once he stepped up his troll game, he started getting some attention.


Irish fans may remember Covington from the time he vowed to bury Cathal Pendred 'like the British buried the Irish.' Recently he had another country on his back though.

After beating Demian Maia in Sao Paolo, he angered the whole of Brazil by labelling it a 'dump' and calling its citizens 'filthy animals'. Former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum didn't take too kindly to the comments. He furiously lobbed a boomerang at him in Australia, an act that earned him a €600 fine.

Covington's latest troll may be his most divisive one yet. His Star Wars spoiler really divided the masses. Just in case anyone reading this wants to see the Last Jedi, we've edited out the spoiler. If you want to see the original tweet, click here.

Colby Covington


Some folks really appreciated the sheer ballsiness of spoiling the highly-anticipated latest instalment of the beloved Star Wars film franchise.


Others did not.


If you don't mind knowing the ending of the movie, we recommend checking out more of the responses to the original tweet. Trust us, there are plenty of them.