Fabricio Werdum furiously throws boomerang at Colby Covington in Australia 5 years ago

Fabricio Werdum furiously throws boomerang at Colby Covington in Australia

That throwing stick stunt of Fabricio Werdum's has boomeranged us.

It was only a matter of time before Colby Covington and Fabricio Werdum clashed.


Covington, who has said some outlandish shit about Ireland in the past, is public enemy number one in Brazil at the moment. After comprehensively defeating Demian Maia in Sao Paolo, the welterweight contender angered the whole country by labelling it a 'dump' and calling its citizens 'filthy animals' in his Octagon interview.

Werdum has gotten a bit of a reputation for picking on guys who are much smaller than him. The former heavyweight champion landed himself in hot water over that dispute with interim lightweight king Tony Ferguson at the UFC 216 media lunch. Prior to that, he grabbed some column inches for kicking coach Edmond Tarverdyan after his victory over Travis Browne.


Werdum and Covington are both in Australia for this Saturday's Fight Night card. The Brazilian is headlining against Marcin Tybura while Covington has been brought down under as a guest fighter.

Before we go any further, we must point out that we don't condone Werdum's behaviour, but it is impossible to ignore the juvenile humour in what he did to Covington when they met in Sydney.

UFC lightweight Dan Hooker caught the whole incident on camera. The two had a heated back-and-forth in the street which culminated in Werdum throwing a boomerang at the American in a rage.


A boomerang! Come on!

In the heat of the moment, Covington broke free from his bad guy shtick by catching the plastic bag mid-flight before it had a chance to become litter. He may be a villain, but he still cares about the environment.

Covington did himself no favours with his immediate response on Instagram live. He went on a bit of a mad one, accusing Werdum of punching him in the face before calling him a 'faggot'.


Dana White would want to make good on his promise of taking action against homophobic language in the UFC or this thing is just going to keep happening.


Disgraced former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones then weighed in on the situation. The man who was once stripped of his title for breaking a pregnant woman's arm in a hit-and-run incident actually tried to take the moral high ground.

He opened his piece by illustrating his disgust for racism, before praising Werdum for his actions and criticising his former roommate for his use of the six-letter f-word.

Arguably, the most racist thing about the situation was the use of a boomerang as a weapon in Australia.


Perhaps 'Bones' is still hurting from Covington calling him the 'biggest fuck up in the history of sports".

Or maybe the old drug test-failing, title stripping, disappointment-giving Jones has been replaced by a new Social Justice Warrior imposter.