UFC star mistakenly calls out poor guy who is definitely not a professional fighter 5 years ago

UFC star mistakenly calls out poor guy who is definitely not a professional fighter

You may not recognise the name Colby Covington if you're not an MMA nerd, but his name might ring a bell for Irish fans.

Back in the days when Cathal Pendred was still competing as one of the most called out welterweights on the UFC's roster, he had some beef with Covington.


Pendred had some name profile as a former Cage Warriors champion, an Ultimate Fighter star and as one of the first wave of Irish fighters in the promotion, and Covington was a relative unknown. So he took the easiest route to getting his attention and started talking smack about 'The Punisher'.

Among the things he tweeted was the massively offensive vow to Pendred 'like the British buried the Irish'. Yeah, that one didn't go down so well.


It's 2017 and Covington's stock has risen considerably. His next fight will be the biggest of his career - main card bout against perpetual contender Dong Hyun Kim in Singapore this summer.

Excited about the match-up, he did what any of us would do and promote it on Twitter. However, he is a fighter, after all, so the advertisement needed something a little bit more macho.

For the cherry on top of the tweet, he opted for yet another vow. This time he promised to destroy Dong Kim on June 17th.


There are two Dong Hyun Kim's in the UFC.

There is the guy that Covington is taking on, who goes by the moniker 'Stun Gun,' then there's another Dong Hyun Kim who competes in the lightweight division. Neither of those two warriors use that Twitter handle.

Covington accidentally called out Dong-Su Kim, a corporate VC investor who's based in California. He agrees with the professional fighter, that would be a terrible fight for him to get involved in.


To cap it all off, rising welterweight Mike Perry even got in on the Dong-Su Kim abuse-fest. Although it's difficult to tell which Dong Kim he was referring to.