As promised, Colby Covington brought his UFC belt to the White House 4 years ago

As promised, Colby Covington brought his UFC belt to the White House

Colby Covington is really good at two things - MMA and pissing people off.

Interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington is perhaps the greatest troller in MMA today. You can hate the execution, you can criticise the cleverness of his trash talk, but what you can't deny is his ability to get a reaction. Unlike Chael Sonnen, whose pantomime villain act was designed to garner support, Covington only has one goal in mind - causing chaos. Lest we forget, 'Chaos' is his moniker.


Irish fans may remember the time he vowed to bury Cathal Pendred 'like the British buried the Irish.' He also caused quite the stir by calling Brazil a 'dump' and calling its citizens 'filthy animals' after beating Demian Maia in Sao Paulo. His reward for those comments was exiting the stadium under a shower of boos and projectiles, a boomerang to the dome from Fabricio Werdum in Australia and an interim title shot.

The Star Wars' spoiling welterweight seized his first crack at the belt with both hands. He beat former lightweight king Rafael dos Anjos to earn the title. After winning the belt, he made a promise. Predictably, this vow rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

“I’ve just gotta say that the Philadelphia Eagles suck. I can’t wait to take the belt to the White House, to the Oval Office, and put it on Trump’s desk.”

Colby Covngton



Covington won't be a UFC title holder for much longer. Matchmakers needed a title-fight headliner for UFC 228 in September. With no other viable options, they went with a 170 lb scrap. Covington wanted more time to recover and prepare for Tyron Woodley. So, they controversially booked Darren Till, who missed weight for his last fight against Stephen Thompson, to take on 'The Chosen One' instead.

'Chaos' will be stripped of his belt when that takes place. He is expected to fight the winner of the bout albeit, as a non-title holder.

However, just before he lost his champion status, Covington fulfilled his ambitious promise of bringing the belt to US president Donald Trump. He even wore his 'Make America Great Again' hat.


UFC president Dana White, who is a longtime friend and supporter of Trump, was also at the White House on Wednesday.

Making trolling great again.