Chael Sonnen fired for cheating on Celebrity Apprentice 6 years ago

Chael Sonnen fired for cheating on Celebrity Apprentice

Chael Sonnen is always looking for a work.

Inside the cage, outside of the cage, wherever. Sonnen just loves a gimmick and it's seen him kicked off reality TV show 'The Celebrity Apprentice' this week.


Sonnen's claim that he'd won the programme last week look to have been no more than yet another Sonnenism as the former UFC light heavyweight and middleweight title challenger was fired on Monday night's episode.

Sonnen, who was submitted by Tito Ortiz on Saturday night under the Bellator banner, thought he had beat the system with his attempt to buy time during a task that had been assigned to his team.

'The American Gangster' took it upon himself to create some technical difficulties when his side found themselves up against the clock, providing what initially appeared to be a grace period.


Sonnen snipped the wire of a computer that the team was working on, much to his peers' surprise, and thought he'd got away with it.

But boss Arnold Schwarzenegger was not fooled and let Sonnen know all about it in the boardroom as he gave the fighter the boot.


Tough week for the bad guy.