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15th Jul 2016

Brock Lesnar to keep getting drug tested by Usada, even though UFC future remains unclear

Another fight on the cards?

Ben Kiely

Brock Lesnar could be urinating into a lot of cups for the next while.

The WWE superstar had a successful return to MMA earlier this month as he dominated knockout artist Mark Hunt to take a unanimous decision victory at the landmark UFC 200 event.

Lesnar’s surprise return to the promotion was somewhat controversial, however, as the former heavyweight champion was granted an exemption from the four-month written notice rule for un-retiring athletes under the USADA/UFC drug testing policy.

However, with Lesnar being unavailable for the four months prior to his first fight back, Usada then overcompensated by relentlessly testing him before fight night.

After getting the win over the Super Samoan, Lesnar was reluctant to definitively say whether or not this fight would be a one-off or if we would be seeing him competing inside the Octagon again.

Regardless of his actual plans, it looks like he’s going to continue to deal with Usada’s testers, until he notifies the promotion that he wants out.

Usada spokesperson Ryan Madden told MMA Fighting that Lesnar has not informed Usada that he is retired from UFC competition, meaning they can randomly test him pretty much at will.

“To my knowledge, Brock Lesnar has not notified USADA of his retirement from the UFC.

“Therefore, he remains subject to USADA testing and the UFC anti-doping policy.”