Bob Sapp's next fight may actually be against a bear 3 years ago

Bob Sapp's next fight may actually be against a bear

Bob Sapp, you've done it again... although we've yet to figure out exactly what 'it' is.

You would be hard pressed trying to find another MMA fighter quite like Bob Sapp.

It's not unusual for fighters to gain cult status despite their losses, but Sapp has managed to garner a lot of attention because of his losses. He's had numerous defeats throughout his surprisingly lengthy MMA career, but it's the manner in which he comes up short that gets all the folks talking.

He looks like a huge monster that could crush your skull between his pinky and his thumb, but the key to beating him is simple. All you have to do is touch him. It doesn't haven't to be a powerful blow, the technique doesn't have to be perfect, but if you manage to hit Sapp with any strike at all, more often than not, he crumbles.

Slumping to 14-straight losses isn't a great look, but it hasn't stopped MMA promotions, mostly in Asia, from booking him.

It looks like his next bout will take place under the Kyokugen banner, a Japanese promotion, on New Year's Eve. Remarkably, it appears as though his opponent has been named as an actual wild bear.

No, really.


While Peta members around the globe rage themselves into a fury over this man vs beast freakshow fight, take a look at this weird-looking promo for the event that will only add to the confusion.

You think this would be animal cruelty until you realise the probability of Sapp coming up short in this contest. Put all your money on the bear, Sapp is really that terrible at fighting.