Aussie state banned betting on Rousey v Holm because of UFC corruption fears 7 years ago

Aussie state banned betting on Rousey v Holm because of UFC corruption fears

Melbourne natives who wanted to back up their faith in Holly Holm with a bet may have missed a hell of a payday.

The Preacher's Daughter was a heavy underdog for her UFC women's bantamweight title fight against Ronda Rousey, but managed to upset the odds by derailing the hype train with a stunning head kick in the second round.


Holm was kicking around the +1000 range in the weeks leading up to the fight meaning that anyone who lumped money on her early were rewarded handsomely. However, not everyone was able to wager money on the upset.

Holly Holm new champ

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation banned Tabcorp from accepting any bets on UFC 193, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. The article notes that the potential for corruption in MMA was the main reason for this drastic action being undertaken in the Australian state.

According to the piece, law enforcement agencies warned that the sport was "vulnerable to corruption and money laundering by organised criminals."


"In determining the application the VCGLR formed a view that UFC does not have appropriate policies or measures in place as required by Victoria's gambling laws," a spokeswoman said.

"Any sport where there are two people competing against each other and where a betting agency is taking bets, is open to corruption. The risk of corruption increases where the betting agency operates offshore and is not under the regulatory environment of the VCGLR."

This news comes less than a year after the Victorian government voted to lift the controversial ban on cage-fighting, which prohibited any combat sports taking place inside a cage. MMA was legal, but bouts had to take place in rings etc.