Alexander Gustafsson is ready to save UFC 200 7 years ago

Alexander Gustafsson is ready to save UFC 200

Daniel Cormier needs a fight. UFC 200 needs a barnstormer and Alex Gustafsson is ready to get on a plane.

Jon Jones is out of UFC 200 but the show must go on.


'Bones' has been pinged for a possible doping violation and although he has a right of appeal, the UFC brass yanked him from the main event of 2016's showpiece pay-per-view.

Cormier has stated his intention to fight on, if he gets an opponent that suits and excites him. He is even willing to take on a heavyweight, albeit a lighter one. Hard luck Roy Nelson.

One of the most intriguing offers has come from middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who is also a FOX Sport colleague of Cormier.

However, a tweet from Gustafsson, this morning, could be the best option all round and deliver another classic.


That's right, the Swede is willing to take a long haul to Las Vegas and throw down with DC.

The fourth ranked light heavyweight is 16-4 in mixed martial arts and pushed both Cormier and Jones to the brink in Fight of the Night epics.

Another FOX colleague of Cormier's has suggested that he may already have plans:


There is set to be an official update from the UFC this evening. Hopefully Cormier will get his big fight and the payday that accompanies it.