The next generation of fitness trackers is here and it's an absolute game-changer for your health 2 years ago

The next generation of fitness trackers is here and it's an absolute game-changer for your health

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Step aside Fitbit, there's a new fitness tracker in town...


Whether you're a seasoned athlete or an infrequent jogger, everyone can benefit from using a fitness tracker.

The insight you can get from these devices is invaluable, especially when it comes to reaching new, more challenging fitness goals.

WHOOP is taking fitness trackers to the next level, providing unbeatable insights into your body, your behaviours and your exercises.

WHOOP is different to other fitness wearables as it's designed to be non-invasive, and it transmits data to a partner app that can be accessed at any time.


Built with purpose and grounded in science, WHOOP tracks more data than any other tracker and includes features that no other wearable tech has.

So, here are a few reasons why WHOOP is a game-changer for your health and fitness.

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It measures the things that really matter


Many of us put an awful lot of importance on our step targets, but they might not be the best metric for tracking your success.

WHOOP tracks more data than any other fitness wearable, breaking it down into three key pillars - strain, sleep and recovery.

At any given time, WHOOP can track key metrics such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep. This means as well as tracking your training, you're also getting insight into your recovery and rest too.

You get your own personalised digital coach


It's not always enough for a tracker to tell you what you've done. It should also tell you what you need to do, including the changes you need to make for better results.

WHOOP Coach provides personalised insights and recommendations to improve your fitness levels. It can highlight the impact that training, stress, travel and sleep are having on your body, and make personalised recommendations based on those findings.


It'll help you get a better night's sleep


To get the most out of your training and diet, your body needs to be getting the rest it needs. That's why insight into your sleeping patterns is an absolute game changer for any athlete.

WHOOP doesn't just tell you how much sleep you're getting. It can also show how much sleep you need, and evaluate the quality and efficiency of your sleep too. In other words, it tracks everything you need to know about your sleep, including sleep stages, cycles disturbances and more.

It's used by the world's top athletes and organisations

If it's good enough for the professionals, we're sure it'll work for you too!

WHOOP is the Official Wearable of CrossFit, the NFL Players Association and the PGA and LPGA Tours. And you're also likely to see it on the wrists of Premier League footballers, international rugby players, golfers and Olympic athletes.

WHOOP is a 24/7 fitness tracker and health monitor that provides personalised, actionable feedback and tracks the key metrics that really matter. For 15% of a WHOOP membership, use the code SPORTSJOE at checkout. 

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Brought to you by WHOOP