Looking for healthcare on-the-go? This handy online prescription service could be the perfect solution 1 year ago

Looking for healthcare on-the-go? This handy online prescription service could be the perfect solution

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This handy online prescription service could make your life a lot easier...


There's nothing worse then feeling unwell and being unable to visit your GP.

Whether you're tied up with work commitments, on a break away or it's out of hours and your GP is closed, it can be tough to power through an illness without the right medication or treatment.

Thankfully, technology has helped us make huge strives when it comes to accessible and on-demand healthcare, and prescriptions are no different. In fact, VIGO Health has a healthcare plan that's perfect for situations like these.

The VIGO 1 Online Prescription Service lets you order prescriptions online in minutes, without having to set foot inside your GP's office. Following a quick and simple online questionnaire, your prescription will be sent straight to a pharmacy near you, without any extra GP fees.


It's perfect for anyone with a routine prescription, looking to take the hassle out of ordering and collecting their medication on a regular basis, but it can also be a lifesaver in situations where you find yourself feeling unwell suddenly without access to your GP.

Here are some of the big benefits that come with availing of a service like this...

Quick and easy to order


You might be wondering if an online prescription service comes with a lot of paperwork or complicated steps, but it's actually very simple!

First, you'll choose the treatment you need from a list of available medications. Then, you'll be asked to fill in a quick and simple health form, with questions similar to those you've likely been asked by your usual GP. There's also the option to add in more detail on your health or medical history, if needed.

Then, an Irish registered doctor will review your answers and, if everything checks out, your prescription will be sent to your chosen local pharmacy. Quick, convenient and hassle-free!


Prescriptions available anywhere, any time

Away from home for a few days and feeling a bit under the weather? Or maybe a sudden illness has come on at the weekend, when your usual GP is shut?

Those are all worries of the past! One of the major benefits of VIGO's Online Prescription Service is you can order a prescription quickly and easily online, at any given time. The prescription can then be sent to a nearby pharmacy, making it ideal for anyone who's away from home often and wants quick access to any medication they might need.

It's super discreet


While there's never any reason to be embarrassed when seeing your GP about a health issue, it can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable. The Online Prescription Service is great for situations like this, as you can easily and discreetly order a prescription, without any face-to-face meetings.

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Brought to you by VIGO Health