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04th Jan 2024

“I’m saying Rory’s amazing as well” – Ian Wright hails the best aspect of Shane Lowry’s game

Lee Costello

Shane Lowry

“He’s unbelievable man.”

Arsenal legend Ian Wright was full of praise for Irish golfing legend Rory McIlroy, but was particularly impressed with Shane Lowry, and a certain aspect of his game.

Like a lot of former footballers, Wright is big into his golf, and is fiercely competitive on the green, so it’s no surprise that he loves watching the two Irish heroes who are currently at the top of their game.

McIlroy was on the latest episode of the Stick to Football podcast, and when asked who is best friend was in the sport, he was quick to mention his fellow Irishman.

“So I played amateur golf with Shane Lowry and we’ve become really close over the last couple of years.

“Our wives have become really really close as well, so it’s just become this really nice sort of relationship and we play a ton of practice rounds together.

“They (Lowry and his wife Wendy) actually moved to a similar place to us in Florida so we see each other all the time.

“He’d be the closest one.”

Ian Wright hails the best aspect of Shane Lowry’s game.

Former Arsenal striker was quick to jump in to express his admiration for the Offaly native, and he even went as far as saying that he is the very best in the business at one particular aspect of the game.

Of course he was sitting next to a four-time major winner, who had been ranked as world number one, but even then Wright was still blown away by Lowry’s short game.

“Shane, he’s one of the greats man.

“He won the Irish Open as an amateur. He’s arguably one of the best at – and I’m saying Rory’s amazing as well – short game I think I’ve ever seen.

“Unbelievable man, Shane Lowry.”

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