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10th Apr 2015

PICS: Tiger Woods second round at the Masters drawn on foolscap is hilarious

The best way to follow the action

Kevin McGillicuddy

Someone get this man one of those multiple colour clicky biros

When you’re talking about Masters coverage sure you could stay glued to the telly, or you could get an imagining of his round from an amateur artist. What is it they say about a picture painting a thousands words?

Artiste extraordinare Shane Bacon has decided to follow the Masters in a very unique way today as he decided the best way to sum up Tigers Woods second round at Augusta was by drawing on a piece of paper with biro. By the power of an A4 sheet of paper and ink he’s done more to illuminate Tiger’s round than any coverage on SKY.

We get angry sometimes with the TV coverage but this is much more entertaining. You can thank us later for all the time we’ve saved you having to read up on how the 14-time Major winner did today:

Things got off to a good start

Things didn’t go quite so well on the second

A problem with some of his tools meant a radical colour change for the fifth

Tiger is only afraid of one Jordan and it isn’t Spieth

Tiger ended the day on 2-under after a 69. We’re hoping Bacon continues his artistic endeavours tomorrow.

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