Justin Thomas' post-match comments to Rory McIlroy are a mark of the man 4 years ago

Justin Thomas' post-match comments to Rory McIlroy are a mark of the man

This was a lovely show of respect.

There may be just four years between them, but Thomas has spent many years looking up to Rory McIlroy and seeing his as a trailblazer.


Thomas defeated McIlroy on the last to win 1 UP and deliver the first point to Team USA.

"JT!" McIlroy called as he followed his opponent up the fairway and conceded the contest. The pair shared a nice embrace and a few words.


Following the match, Thomas spoke with Sky Sports about his win and the comments he shared with the Northern Irishman after an ugly finish on 18.

"Yeah," he began, "it was an extremely unfitting way for that match to end. I'm very happy to get the point for our team, but I didn't want to get it like I that. I'm sure it helps a little bit I hit a great drive.

"I told Rory I've looked up to him for a long time, and I've always respected the way he's treated me, so it was pretty cool getting thrown out there in the first match and playing against him."

That reduced the deficit to three points and saw Thomas record stats of 4-0-1 on his Ryder Cup debut. Not bad for a rookie.


"I would have liked to had a little bit more red up there," he admitted. "I think, other than the first hole, [18] was the first time I led the match.

"But hopefully the guys will look up there and see I got that point. You can feel it out here, just the American roars are a lot different than that American roars, for a good reason, and I'm hoping to hear some more."

Class, composed comments from a real warrior for Team USA.