Harrington recalls tale of Mickelson's five-figure tab that he had to pay 4 years ago

Harrington recalls tale of Mickelson's five-figure tab that he had to pay

Padraig Harrington and Phil Mickelson go back a long way.

Both players turned pro during the early to mid-nineties and have spent over two decades playing on the tour together.


Mickleson, a five-time major winner, reached the top of the sport during his prime while over the last few years he's developed into quite the entertaining personality on social media.

Recently he's started the Phireside chat series in the dressing rooms of various events and he had Harrington on to discuss the time the pair went on a lavish spree in Singapore.

Harrington lost to Mickleson in a side bet and had to pay for dinner as punishment, a dining experience in which the American spared no expense.

"I lost. Phil got to book dinner. I'm paying. We turn up and we've gone to the best steakhouse in Singapore. Private room, as Phil would, myself and my caddie Ronan turned up, only two of us, you've got, I think you've got three people with you.


"The first thing I notice is that you've got this Sommelier room. I didn't even know what a Sommerlier was.

"A sommelier room has six bottles of win, set out and all ready, a starting wine, a dessert wine, and I don't even drink wine.

"I'm paying for this meal. All I'm going to have is steak and chips. I'm sitting there eating humble pie. I'm going ahead with it.

"You know, I'm not saying a word. All bottles are being opened. This is great! But of course, being in Singapore, being in any restaurant, there's a kid outside.


"He's 18 years of age and it's his birthday. We know in the states at 18 years of age that you're not allowed to drink but obviously in Singapore you are and Phil decides to bring him in for a picture.

"Phil says 'hang on you're 18 years of age, why don't you have a bottle of wine in your hand?'


"Phil gets a very nice bottle of wine, puts his birthday date on it, sends him out with it. Of course, I'm paying for this.

"There's an 18-year-old guy, well he's probably 25 now, running around the world thinking 'that Phil Mickleson, he's such a generous guy' and it was me that was signing the tab that night!

"That was like a five figure check that night"