Wicklow hurler pulls on it from 60 yards out, rips over the bar 3 years ago

Wicklow hurler pulls on it from 60 yards out, rips over the bar

John Fenton-esque.

God be with the days when letting fly off the ground was just as common as picking the ball in the game of hurling.


Chat to anybody with a hurling background over the age of 50 and they'll rue the fading of the glorious ground pull.

In an age where holding possession is the currency, daisycutters are as rare as hen's teeth, but what's rare is wonderful and there are still moments of magic.

All hurlers' will aim to get the ball into their hands first and you can't blame them for that.

Then they have control and with their skills being refined and perfected more and more with each passing year, why take the risk of giving it away when you're nearly certain of your ability to ping an inch perfect pass or drill a pinpointed score?

Sometimes, it's that unpredictability that can hold the key to unlocking tight defences and the maggot burner can catch teams on the hop.


All it takes is a flick of those wrists and the ball can be sent zipping down the other end of the field just like that. Forwards love a quick ball in and it can reap dividends.

Wicklow defeated Mayo in their first round Christy Ring Cup clash on Saturday afternoon.

It was a comfortable win for the home team in Aughrim, who outclassed Mayo from start to finish.

The highlight of the day came when Garry Byrne unleashed his inner John Fenton to let fly off the ground from over 60 yards out.

An instinctive reaction to a dropping ball, it was hurling in its purest form as the sliotar took off into the air and dissected the posts.


Video credit: William Winders.

"The best score I've ever seen in person, a majestic throwback to a bygone era," said astonished spectator Sean Foley to SportsJOE.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.