The whole of Ireland only has one wish for David Clifford 3 years ago

The whole of Ireland only has one wish for David Clifford

"Tá súil agam go fhanann sé sa tír seo..."

It was a very simple bit of analysis from Chrissy McKaigue but it summed up the mood of the country.

Even as the Derry man watched his own county minors being stripped for parts by a ruthless David Clifford who was walking all over them as if he was a 19-year-old who was sneaked in with a fake name to rescue an under-14 game, he couldn't help but marvel at the imposing number 11 in the green and gold.

In the first minute, Clifford won a long ball, rounded his marker and side-footed a neat finish into the back of the net. By the time 15 minutes had passed, he had walked another in over the line and set up the third goal with a sublime threaded pass before he started turning his attention to the black spots like a primary school superstar who was pleaded to by his managers to show mercy and go only for points from now on. No more goals.

So he did that too. Off his left, off his right, twisting and turning. It's incredible that everyone has known full well for two years now what David Clifford is going to bring to a game and yet no-one has been able to do one thing to even stop him for a second. The man does what he wants to and it's as simple as that.

And when he wanted to hit the net again in the 46th minute, he did that too for his hat-trick.

And that's why Chrissy McKaigue, watching the monster in full destructive flow on TG4, just sums up what everyone is thinking.

"Tá súil agam go fhanann sé sa tír seo..."

"I hope he stays in this country..."

There has probably never been a player like this coming through the ranks. Ever.

Last year, when he was just an under-17, he was talked about as the best footballer in the country in the whole underage set-up. He led to Kerry to the minor title back then and this year it has just been something ridiculous.

It's not like he's just a big man though. He has everything you could ever want. He has brute size, yes. He has a serious pair of hands. He has an eye for a deadly pass, two feet and mouthwatering finishing ability.

He could play in the Kerry full forward line next to Paul Geaney tomorrow and not look an inch out of place.

But the problem with a man that good is that he's of course going to be touted by professional outfits. How the hell could he not?

Tadhg Kennelly said earlier in the year that he had never spoken to David Clifford. Maybe not. Maybe he was just waiting for the season to finish. But you have to admit if no-one even gave this man an offer, it would be bonkers.

So now it's if he wants to make a living playing sport and he could probably surely make waves in Australia. Or does he want to follow in the footsteps of the Kerry greats and help restore the county to its rightful status as The Kingdom?

Naturally, the whole of Ireland want to sit and marvel at what this man could bring for the next decade and a half.

It's going to get to the stage where we're all begging.