Waterford release new jersey for 2018 5 years ago

Waterford release new jersey for 2018

A bit of clever marketing here.

At the time of release, it's just over three weeks until Christmas and there'll be plenty of men, women and children in Waterford that will be looking for a nice new jersey.


It'll be hard to ditch the 2017 kit after all the priceless memories those from the Déise went through over the past 10 months or so. There were famous wins against Kilkenny and Cork that found them in the All-Ireland final and there were dreams.

There were moments of pure magic and two, in particular, came from the ridiculously talented Austin Gleeson.

One against Cork.


And the other against... Cork. Jaysus, poor Cork.


There were plenty of highs and lows in their campaign but, just like what the players want, it's time to move forward instead of looking back.

It's time for a bit of a change, something fresh and new that the people of Waterford can wear with even more pride as Derek McGrath and his players look to get their hands on that much coveted Liam MacCarthy.

With that, the new jersey was launched as they stayed with their traditional Azzurri rather than the more popular O'Neill's.

The result, well, you can decide for yourself.


Waterford have opted for a new sponsor in the form of TQS Intergration as 3 was taken over by eir earlier in the year.

Sticking to their predominantly white theme, the Waterford jersey is complemented by blue sleeves and collar.

And how does it fare up to the old jersey?


The latest edition of the jersey can be purchased from Azzurri site here.