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18th Oct 2017

WATCH: Roscommon A vs B matches look seriously intense

A great insight into the camp

Darragh Culhane

This has grabbed the nation’s attention.

The good folk over at AIB are rolling out a four-part series about Roscommon’s journey to the Connacht Final.

They were written off by just about everyone after a mass player exodus, a relegation, and a departure from the management camp.

But, behind it all, they still believed. They had to.

Part one showed us Kevin McStay at his finest and cancelling training so his players could get to know each other better and, unexpectedly, we saw star player Enda Smith open up about his brother Cian and his illness.

Part two though has a bit of a different vibe, the teams are only a week out from the Connacht Final.

We get to see players go toe to toe in an A vs B match and see inside the huddle before throw in as well as the real-life emotions as McStay announced his starting XV for the Final, the delight and the pain on the Roscommon players’ faces.

Have a look below.