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16th Dec 2014

VIDEO: The top five football points of the year are pretty class

Talent does what it can, genius does what it must

Kevin McGillicuddy

This is so good we may have watched it about 15 times in a row

There isn’t much football to warm the hearts of GAA folk at the moment with the conclusion of most inter-county and club action for 2014, but this brilliant video from the GAA today has made us dig out our flask and ham sandwiches just to get them ready nice and early for next year’s Championship.

It’s a compilation of the best scores of this year’s race for Sam Maguire, and it’s hardly a surprise that the points come from the boots of some of the country’s finest marksmen.

Michael Murphy is so bloody good he is in twice with that monstrous right foot of his, while Adrian Marren of Sligo came over all Frankie Dolan with his sideline effort.

There was always going to only be one winner in our eyes but all the points featured are pretty class.

The GAA will be releasing more ‘Best Of’ videos including the best goals in both hurling and football later this week:

H/T to GAA

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