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16th May 2016

VIDEO: Peter Crowley wins the ball on his own ’45, runs pitch, scores an unbelievable goal

Give and go dream

Conan Doherty


Out in front, give and go, give and go, rattle the net.

Peter Crowley is a manager’s dream. His goal on Sunday was right out of an underage coach’s tired mouth.

Mid Kerry saw off Kilcummin 3-12 to 1-13 in their championship clash but it was the rock of Luane Rangers that stole the show with a simply astounding goal.

The centre back, robust as always, won possession just off his own ’45, he drove forward, straight through the middle, popped the ball off and stormed on for the return. He then kicked the ball on with a measured pass inside and, of course, like any good player, sprinted for the return again before walloping one past the goalkeeper.

This is why you go for the return. This is why you give and go.

This is pure magic. And yet so simple. Football at its very best.

Football at its Kerry best.

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