Ulster championship wins 'dummy of the year' once again as Lee Brennan sells a beauty 2 weeks ago

Ulster championship wins 'dummy of the year' once again as Lee Brennan sells a beauty

More dummies than a toddler's birthday party.

Last year Ruairi Canavan went viral when he sold an unbelievable dummy in the Ulster championship, and now Lee Brennan has done something similar.


During Trillick's emphatic victory over Crossmaglen in the quarter finals of the provincial championship, Brennan picks up the ball on the right flank, sends the defender to the shop for the whole Christmas list, before slotting it overweigh the outside of his left, squeezing the shot in-between two more backs.

It was a truly incredible point and it was even more impressive considering that the former Tyrone forward was having a relatively frustrating time in front of goal in the first half.


With conditions not favouring the slick shooters, Brennan missed a couple of shots early on n the game, but his confidence never wavered as he popped over this delightful shot, and at a very important moment in the game.

The youngest Canavan brother found himself on ESPN last year when a clip of his dummy against Glen made its way around social media, gathering the attention and plaudits of pretty much everyone.

It looks like the unofficial 'dummy of the year' award belongs to the Ulster championship once again, and indeed to a Tyrone club, because Brennan's cheeky effort will be very hard to beat.

The flying forward wasn't the only one to kick a wonder score, as Jamie Clarke delivered a beauty in the first half, while Richie Donnelly floated over a fantastic point himself late in the game.


However, those moments of flashy brilliance were the highlights of the game from a spectacle point of view, because it was a very defensive, and cagey sort of game, especially in the first half.

It took 20 minutes for the Tyrone champions to register their first score, but when they came out at half time, they were a completely different animal, and steamrolled their opposition, with Crossmaglen not as much as registering a point in the allotted 30 minutes.


Thankfully we have Brennan's dummy to look back on as a highlight reel from what was a low-scoring affair.

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