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29th Jan 2022

Tunnel brawl kicks off between Kilmacud Crokes and Padraig Pearses at half-time

Lee Costello

It was all kicking off at half-time.

It was a cagey first half, with Craig Dias getting a goal early to give Kilmacud Crokes the lead.

Padraig Pearses fought back well, and managed to kick three scores, meaning that the Dias goal is the only thing separating the two teams at half time, as it stood 1-03 to 0-03.

In a game where players didn’t get a lot of time on the ball, the fans were electric, and tensions rose rapidly, particularly as the referee has had to be busy with his whistle.

Going into the tunnel you can see Pearses manager, Pat Flanagan, arguing with an official, and can’t resist throwing a shoulder at a passing Crokes player.

However, he appears to cheer up pretty quickly, smiling and patting the next Crokes player on the back as they walked by.

The tunnel was less calm, as a full ruckus breaks out between the layers, and arms are clearly being sung between the two teams.

Both teams showing that they are quite literally willing to fight for the right to play Kilcoo in the All-Ireland club final.

However, it is Kilmacud Crokes who managed to get the win in the end, finishing the game 1-11 to 0-08.

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