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11th Feb 2023

Trio of brothers start for Meath GAA senior team for the first time

Lee Costello

Meath GAA

The future looks bright at St Colmcilles GAA.

A trio of brothers started their first senior game together last night for St Colmcille’s in county Meath and they are getting a lot of love on social media.

Endy, Godfrey and Danny Ehichoya all lined out in the starting team for their club against Senchalstown in the second round of the Feis Cup last night.

Unfortunately for the brothers and their team, two late points from the opposition meant that they lost the game, but afterwards a photo of the three lads was posted on social media and got a brilliant response.

In an image, it really captured the beauty of the GAA, the community and family ethics that it possess – very few sports can say that most of their siblings all play together at senior level.

Endy is the oldest boy at 21 and his name is actually short for ‘Endurance’ which gives you an idea of the athletic hopes they had for him when he was born.

Godfrey just turned 20, while Danny is 18, and there is a younger brother plying his trade for the club in the underage set-up, but is still only 13 years old, meaning he won’t be joining his brothers for a few years yet.

Lisa McDonald is the Healthy Club Officer and is part of the PRO team, and as a proud St Colmcille’s woman, she was full of pride to have these boys represent the club.

“The three lads have been playing with us since [the underage] Academy. Endy started at 6 years old, Godfrey at 5 and Danny at 4. Endy is actually short for Endurance would you believe!

“The three lads have all had time in the Meath jersey too, at u16 and minor level. Danny was part of the Meath team that won an All-Ireland in 2021, along with 6 other Cilles club mates which was an amazing year for our club.

Meath GAAPhoto by Brian Mulligan

“At our club, we try to be at the centre of the community here in east Meath. We have games for young and old… and we have all the way up to Gaelic for mums and Gaelic for dads.

“We have a Gaelic-for-All programme too for people with intellectual disabilities. We also have a men’s shed here, as well as other community-based programmes.

Meath GAAPhoto by Brian Mulligan

“We got to a club intermediate All-Ireland after winning Meath and Leinster in 2016. We were beaten by 1 point in the final against Westport.

“We’re a senior club since then and hoping to get to a Meath senior final in the near future. Jody Divine has just taken over as manager in our club so we’re excited about the year ahead.”

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